The 5E Experience Design Model

This is all about delighting and retaining the customers using experience. A Experience that is designed is a key to user experience. That’s the key on retaining the customer further. Customers are like “Inner City Affluent” or “Philanthropists” or “New Parents In Apartments.” It is all “OK” in the starting point but to retain them we really have to become experts on customer journey.

We need to step into the shoes of our customer and understand the forces that shape their choices and choices. By designing the experience, We strive to increase their chances of staying with us, and to inspire their friends to do the same. The 5Es is an acronym and checklist intended to help brainstorm various phases of the customer experience. The 5Es helps you quickly and easily create a travel map for your customers.

  1. Excitement:
    It is the first step where we define the factors that appeal customers to enter the UX funnel. Here we also define how our future customers will hear about us which may be billboard, Facebook, google search or any other sources. This is basically about how we arise excitement in our user or a future customers to use our product/services.

Before asking to customers, we must ask our-self: Is the interaction we are creating provides a good experience ? and if you were self a customer not a service-provider, would you be happy ?

Job Search Example Applying The 5E Framework:

  1. Excitement:
    -> Graduate From School -> Prepare resumes and Cover Letters

Originally published at on May 18, 2020.



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